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Adaptive Reuse – Historic Renovations:

While Scientists all around the globe are working on ways to reduce our carbon foot print and global warming with the three "R’s" (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), not much is mentioned about reducing new construction, reusing or recycling old/existing buildings.  Traditionally, new construction has been the prominent economic indicator. Fireflies are inspiring scientists to improve upon the current design of the LED lighting, but again, not much is being done about old buildings. Palmer Engineering Company is passionate about working with old buildings and renovation projects in all sectors of the construction industry and we have won several awards for Adaptive Reuse and Historic Renovation projects. With the experience of working with old buildings with a variety of materials, the Principals and the staff of Palmer Engineering Company understand a wide range of material and construction practices that have been used over the past two centuries.  With sustainability as one of the core values of our design practice, let’s come together to help our mother Earth by being proactive in reusing and recycling existing buildings.
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