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Eric Hagberg, P.E.
Vice President
Eric Hagberg joined Palmer Engineering Company in 1999. He currently serves as Vice President and is a partner of the firm.  Eric received his Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering from Lehigh University in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and has over 20 years of structural engineering experience.  Initially, he pursued a double major in architecture and engineering, which has allowed Eric to bring an understanding of design to his structural engineering approach.  His design experience includes military aviation facilities, office buildings, adaptive re-use, historic preservation, retail, residential, signage and renovations of many types.  Eric is a member of SEAOG, NCEES, and AISC.  He is currently registered in Georgia, Iowa, New York and South Carolina and holds a NCEES Council Record.

Special projects in Eric’s portfolio include White Provision, The Hill House Historic Preservation, The Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill Tornado Renovation, Gregory Adams Juvenile Court Building, Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House, Decatur Rec Center Renovation, and The Georgia Institute of Technology G. Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, which received LEED Platinum recognition.

Area of Expertise:
Office, Restaurant, Renovation, Historic Preservation

Memorable Project Story: 

"We had a hotel project with a parking deck in Chicago and at the corner of the parking deck there was retail space at the street level.  The ramp of the parking deck rose up over the retail space leaving a bay or two that could potentially be a two story retail space.  We needed beams at this second level as part of the overall parking deck structure so I asked the client if we should design these beams to support a future second floor that might be part of the build-out of the retail space.  I was told "no" because of expense and that the space was too small for a second floor.  There was a small difference in the beam design if we included floor load since it was a second floor beam part of a moment frame, so we designed them for a floor load anyway.  A year or two after the project was complete, the client called to ask if these beams could support a second floor.  I was very happy to say yes!  I think my immediate response made them a bit uncomfortable since they thought I would have to get the plans out and review calculations.  Once I explained why I knew they could support the floor, they were quickly excited about a smaller build-out construction budget and more leasable area."

Client Philosophy:
"Share your vision with us so that we can better solve the problem areas of your project and bring your vision to life."

Special Interests:
"I enjoy cycling and anything involving getting in to the great outdoors."

Little Known Fact:

"I’m a really funny guy!"
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